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Brittany Grome Antonacci In The News

Syracuse Teen Gets Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison for Auburn Byrne Dairy Robbery

Auburn Man Gets Prison for Stealing $1300 from Woman's Purse

People v Dayshawn Crooks Court of Appeals Oral Argument

Rochester Man Found Guilty of Possessing Crack Cocaine in Cayuga County

Utica Man Found Guilty on Nine Felony Counts

Utica Man May Spend Life in Prison for Violent Robbery in Cayuga County

Jury Finds Auburn Man Guilty of Possession Heroin and Stolen Weapon

Murder Trial Ends with Guilty Plea

Auburn Man Pleads Guilty to Murder

CNY Man Pleads Guilty to Manslaughter After Selling Drugs that Led to Fatal Overdose

Central New York Man Faces Rare Homicide Charge for Selling Drugs that Led to Fatal Overdose

Guilty Pleas in Shooting Case and Gun Store Burglary

Guilty Verdict in Elk Street Murder Case

Persistent Felon Sentenced

Sentencing for Weapons Possession Case

Court of Appeals Unanimously Upholds Conviction in Crack Cocaine Possession Case

Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Stabbing

Albany Man Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Gun and Drug Possession

Man Sentenced in Million Dollar Property Scheme

Appellate Division Unanimously Affirms Convictions in Special Victims Cases

Guilty Verdict After Robbery and Burglary Trial

Sovereign Citizen Sentenced to Prison

Fugitive Gets Sentenced to Prison

Arraignment in Attempted Murder Case

Illegal Weapon Found After Crash Leads to Prison Sentence

Guilty Plea for Illegal Weapon Possession

Albany Shots Fired Case Ends with Prison Sentence

Defendant Denies He's a Sovereign Citizen

People v Dayshawn Crooks

Crossgate Mall Shooter Gets Arraigned

Crossgate Mall Shooting Defendant Returns to Jail

Conviction in Driving While Intoxicated Trial

Assistant DA Talks with Youth Advisory Board About Cyber Bullying

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